Supply Chain Solution Design

We have a strong track record in the design of Supply Chain Solutions for both 3pls and own account operations.  We can help you take the solution from concept to full implementation and offer a rare blend of innovation and practicality.  Our capability covers –


·          Supply chain strategy – lowest cost of getting to market

·          Warehouse design – new build or reconfigurations

·          Automated and manual operations

·          WMS specification

·          Equipment specification & selection


Process Improvements

Our experience enables us to identify performance improvements and cost savings by applying lean principles and focussed data analysis.  We know where to look for waste and understand that in tough economic climates that we need to work within existing boundaries and to deliver rapid paybacks –


·          End to end process reviews

·          Warehouse layout

·          Lean operations

·          Process redesign including process mapping


Implementation & Start Ups

Implementations of new facilities and operations are notorious for being under-resourced or staffed by inexperienced people.  Yet this the time when it is essential to have people on the job who have been in these situations before and are capable of dealing with issues so as not to jeopardise cost, time or quality or to lose sight of the principles that the project was based on.  We “have been there before” and can support your implementation by –


·          Programme & project management

·          Managing the interfaces between building, equipment, IT and people

·          Detailed process definitions & work instructions

·          Process testing

·          Training plans


Operational Recovery

Many people in logistics have some experience of operations that are under-performing or implementations that have failed.  When this happens the people at the sharp end are usually burnt-out or under so much pressure that they are unable to plan and prioritise; simple remedies seem to be accompanied by unassailable hurdles. We have a good track record of “getting rid of the noise” and creating sensible plans to bring underperforming operations up to scratch.